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Tuesday February 14, 2006
(Part I) How the Oicho is set & Docomo FOMA M1000
(cellphone) story
Subject: About me

And something you have been all looking forward to !?
about how the Oicho is set !!! over the next three

Now onto Day 1: 

Gonna get my head done....

Using water and other things, knead the hair to make
it more managible.

Putting a comb through

And it's set.

We have a variety of combs but this one will take dust
and other things off hair and take care of it.

Once the hair is set nicely together, a string called
"moto-yui" is used to set a knot. 

Spread the knot by using a topknot stick.

To be continued in the next post...

Yesterday I was interviewed for NTT Docomo

M1000(FOMA cell phone for business users). 

I can do all surfing  and e-mail with this so someone
who is constantly on move like myself with jyungyos
and bashos, it will be very convenient. I sure will be
using it.

It will be covered in a suppliment of "R25" to be
published around March (??) so please take a look.

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