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Fri Feb 10 16:25:43 EST 2006

--- murray johnson <murrayj at tkg.att.ne.jp> wrote:

> The budget was submitted to parliament and the
> budget was past as an overall
> plan on Jan 20th. NHK decided from November that
> major cuts would be made
> and I presumed at the time English programs were on
> the short list.

I still don't get this. If the NHK Budget was passed
in the Parliament, how can the management change their
plan one way or another after the bill was passed (as
I know the NHK Budget bill  is as thick as the Bible
all the details included in the upcoming year with
budgeted amount)?

PM Koizumi says many things but the way the government
works is through consensus within his own party's
factions and partner (i.e. the Komeito Party) so
despite being the PM, he cannot simply change things
over what someone may have said or wrote once the bill
passed that easily unless he gets his parliamentary
secretary to submit an amendment to the bill and goes
through the whole process again (and he does not have
the time for that as their year starts in April).

I am not specifically talking about NHK per se but
just a few months ago Koizumi was all ready to put
though a bil to have a female child to succeed the
Japanese Imperial House but now he has changed the
tune as he is facing more fierce resistance from the
members of his own party as well as Kiko sama, the
wife of the current emperor's second wife is expecting
and she may have a boy.

Koizumi said himself his mandate was up to this
September so many already consider him now as a lameduck.

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