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I have been reluctant to post recently as there seem to be double
identities, sad really, but I will tell you what I know.

In December 2005 those involved in various English broadcast programs were
given certain information.

January this year the PR department of all sections released information
that NHK will have a 7 and new 9 o'clock news from April 2006.
I believe one member on this site was told that the show would be in English
at 9pm but all staff related were informed by word of mouth their days are
The budget was submitted to parliament and the budget was past as an overall
plan on Jan 20th. NHK decided from November that major cuts would be made
and I presumed at the time English programs were on the short list.

I might add that a member on this site went to the 13th floor of Radio
division and met a well spoken English speaking woman whose job it is to
convince naïve newcomers that what she tells anyone is real. 

I reacted to this earlier because the misinformation by this naïve website
self proclaimed journalist was affecting the lives of 100 immediate workers
but thousands that strangely enough see this broadcast.

Many Japanese and non-Japanese members who worked years to gain experience,
and more importantly the good ones, were told we don't need you from April.

The number of readers, writers, translators etc, had been budgeted for
already and are now all awaiting the notification which does not take place
normally until late February.

This week one of the long time members of that English news team was at a
drinking function with the P.M. and informed him of NHK's plan. She told him
what was happening and he did react.

Well, did 'the-you-know-what-hit-the-fan.'  Friday midday Koizumi appeared
on TV saying NHK must not only maintain but increase its International
presentation to overseas and domestic viewers.    The Friday night broadcast
team started their jobs ............'people are saying we have our jobs

Many staff members of divisions of NHK were encouraging long time
translators/announcers who are not full-time employees to contact
Ambassadors or Consulate Generals
and inform them of the upcoming situation.

I don't know what it means other than, what you see or hear is not really
what you get.

I don't believe sumo is in big danger but I might check with that girl on
the 13th floor before I get back to you.

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Hi all,

The NHK budget, with all the details already given us by the people who 
actually work there, and sent to the list weeks ago,  was aired on the 
Seven O'clock news about an hour ago (Japan time).

Have the NHK Complaints Department told us, via our intrepid investigative 
journalist,  anything new? Nine o'clock news instead of ten, people losing 
jobs, yadayadayada.....
Doreen Simmons
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