[sumo] Ex-Ozeki Nayoroiwa

Jim Bitgood Jimbit2 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 8 22:33:03 EST 2006

Ah yes, Nayoro, nice little town between Asahikawa and Wakkanai. Of course 
I saw it in the summer (July, 2000) on my roundabout way home to Chitose 
after running the Okhotsk Marathon in Monbetsu on the shore of the Sea of 
Unfortunately, I didn't see a lot of Nayoro as I was just passing thru 
around midday and trying to find the correct routes. But one thing I will 
always remember about Hokkaido is that wherever I went there was always a 
lot of scenery in a very short distance.
Is there a sumo museum in Nayoro for it's favorite sumo son?

At 20:41 2/8/2006 -0500, you wrote:
>--- Moti <sumo at dichne.com> wrote:
>Ozeki Nayoroiwa Shizuo was born on September 27, 1914
>in Nayoro City Hokkaido. He was one of the Three Crows
>of Tatsunami Beya, the other being Futabayama and


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