[sumo] [Spoiler, if you were hot for him] Harunoyama engaged

Stephen stephen at loxinfo.co.th
Sun Feb 5 07:04:00 EST 2006

No...what he said was:-
"I like older women. I have previously 
had.....censored.....whirr..click...dug out from censorship 
factoring:-....had lots of old cars with comfortable seats, ah those 
back seats, leather, and my 1998 Subaru will never be sold. My fiance 
will gambarize.

On Feb 5, 2006, at 2:33 PM, Moti wrote:

> Yes, yes, you read right - ex- Makuuchi and current Juryo 8 Harunoyama
> is engaged. The 29 year-old heavyweight is now engaged to a thirty year
> old lady called 大原英子 (Ohara Eiko?Aiko? Hideko? I-Pod?) , housewife.
> No wedding date set yet. She comes from the same prefecture as him
> Toyota-shi, (where they make Nissan cars?), and is a former swimming
> instructor.
> Guess what he said, from the following possibilities:
> "I'd like to use this as an opportunity to gambarize once more".
> "Isn't it funny how we all marry older women?"
> "My aim is to move quickly up the ranks and become Yokozuna. My role
> model is Takanotsuru!".
> "I can finally pursue my childhood dream and learn to swim!"
> "Eternal bliss overshadows material and earthly handwringing"
> "I am selling a 1998 Subaru in mint condition.'
> All of the above.
> Some of the above.
> None of the above.
> The winner will win a roundtrip ticket.
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