[sumo] Ex-Mitoizumi

Moti sumo at dichne.com
Fri Feb 3 13:58:11 EST 2006

Nishikido Oyakata (ex-Mitoizumi salt.gif will be one of the new shinpan 
in Haru. "I'll do my best to not shame myself in front of the 
gambarizing Osumousan.and be extra attentive and look carefully at the 
matches. I just hope that because of my height (1.94) I don't obscure 
anyone's view and get them cross with me. I'll jest (pun intended) have 
to make myself as small as I can..," he said.
He still weighs 150 kilos. "The knee injury from my active days is still 
bothering me. In order to be able to run away if some rikishi falls off 
the dohyo in my general direction, I'm planning a serious diet..", he 
said with "hyuumoa".

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