[sumo] OT: Massively off topic, patented K-jo rambling post - hit delete now to save yourself

Emma Kolstad Antunes emma at rpg.net
Sat Nov 19 20:07:23 EST 2005

>	Happily, I have found a way to break this cycle.  The trick is that
>whenever you are reading an email, think of your best friend or
>significant other or even your mother and imagine them saying the words
>on the screen in the most friendly and calm tone and voice.  Sometimes
>you may have to read an email two or three times before you can hear
>this other voice but it's well worth it.
Thanks for some good advice! Let's all think the best of each other. 
We're all sumo fans, after all.

As for adding keywords to subject lines such as [offtopic] and [sales], 
I'm all for it - it lets you know whether to read or skip them. I don't 
see that it's any different than using [games] or [adopt].

Emma Antunes (mineyama)

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