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Sat Nov 19 02:20:40 EST 2005

Thank you so much, Mike, for your kind words. Hopefully, I have taken it off


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On 11/18/05, Lynn Matsuoka <artist at aloha.net> wrote:

> If this is meant for Murray, I think it is unfair. Of course, Murray 
> know reams more than many, especially Baba, but he is right... We all 
> know about sumo fan mag, and that is a good thing, but do we need the 
> space filled with the empty news that someone is at NHK talking to 
> some anonymous sports reporters? This happens every day! I have spent 
> 33 years doing that. So what? If they issue an interesting report- 
> THAT is worthy of news. If someone has an exclusive interview with a 
> rikishi luminary- maybe THAT is worthy of anticipatory 
> reporting....IE-" Watch for the results of this talk with the 
> difficult to reach so and so..."

I must disagree in the strongest way. I still don't understand Murray's
comment, so I don't know if it was intended as a personal attack on Barbara.
However if so... flaming someone because they made a post with limited
relevance? That's really not on.

Please, none of us are in kindergarten. If you have personal problems with
someone, resolve it offline. All of you have much more knowledge about sumo
than I do and I enjoy reading your sumo related posts. That's why I would
like to avoid filtering you out of my email.

Please do us all a favour and keep it to sumo. If you think someone is
getting too big for their britches, well feel free to flame away privately.
I don't need to see it.

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