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As he unfortunately has time on his hands because of his injury (day 4, 
left leg), Maegashira 15 Tamaasuka decided to undergo eyesight 
corrective surgery. it appears he wasn't seeing things eye to eye with 
others. He underwent the 30 minute operation on his eyes. His eyesight 
was 0- 0.6 in both eyes, and now he is expected to better it to 1.2-1.5 
in two weeks to a month. (If anyone knows what these numbers mean, 
please enlighten us.) "I can see much better now. I haven't seen this 
well since grade school..", he marvelled. "The Sekitori was very calm 
and composed during the surgery", praised Doctor Nakamura. He wil be 
fully recovered in about three months. "No problem with keiko or Sumo", 
added the Doctor.
Tamaasuka will be found at the bottom half of Juryo for the coming Hatsu 
basho. "I am definitely entering Hatsu. If I don't, I'll be in Makushita 
for Haru, and no way that's going to happen..", said Tamaasuka. His 
recovery is going well, and he already has no wooden plank support 
thingy on his left foot.



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